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Aviatronic Ltd. is a well-known, innovative system house founded in 1990 Budapest. In addition to the development of aviation and high-tech electronic systems, our company bears the mark of a number of successful, integrated hardware and software solution development projects over more than two decades of operation. The strength of the engineering and development team is creative problem and data analysis, which often gives our partners benefits beyond the original goals when using our developed products.

In the last twenty years, IT and multimedia devices played an important role as well as repairs of commercial electronic equipments. Aviatronic Ltd. is the guaranteed service of several famous brands. The company offers brand-independent warranty repairs at its store and headquarters at one of the traffic hubs in Budapest, and also fairly priced, used and factory refurbished notebooks. In addition to replacement of the main components, specially trained technicians, advanced BGA implant stations, and Far Eastern suppliers make it possible to repair motherboards at a component level, either for end users or for partner services.


The device is a tool for testing Android-based smartphones and tablets, primarily recommended for larger service centers because it ensures functional control of your devices' different units, regardless of Android version.

It's also possible to retrieve the IDs and electronically identifiable key elements of the test devices. The results of the identifiers and the tests performed can be stored and logged in a database, which, on the one hand, can be used to document the error-free operation after the repair, and on the other hand, the mandatory ANOD test in the repair process protocol can also serve as a quality control barrier.


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